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Dr. Jo Ellen Orr

What inspired you to open your own business?
After much prayer and research I received a second chance to live a healthy life. I want to share my experience. Originally I planned on implementing the program in physician´s offices in order to help people in larger numbers. Individuals were contacting me from the Ideal Protein website looking for the protocol faster than I was able to contact doctors to implement the program. This new protocol has family calling friends and loved ones spreading the good news across the country. Given the epidemic of obesity in society, especially our youth, I want to provide education about the failure of current treatment and the disastrous results of long term insulin saturation.

Why did you choose Botetourt?
Residents from Botetourt community were seeking this protocol. I found a progressive, educated community proactive in their desire to be healthy. Next I found a beautiful little boutique and as predicted more people like me inquiring about a new approach to an old syndrome. Botetourt seems like a community that is tired of just another pill. Considering the epidemic of obesity in our youth, and statistics that 1 in 2 individuals will be obese by the year 2030, I was drawn to a community that wanted to learn the reason behind this epidemic and what to do to fix it.

What created your passion for this protocol and health care?
I practiced Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 15 years. During that time, I continued my education to include a certification in clinical nutrition and post-graduate course series in rehabilitation, pediatrics and neurology. I moved back to Virginia to focus on my health and family. What I didn´t realize is that I had a dysfunctional pancreas and was walking into a long period of suffering. My family has a history of pancreatic and liver cancer so the struggles I incurred deepened my passion for self-care and empowering individuals on natural alternatives.

What are your goals for All Things Essential?
The primary goal is education of the results of long term insulin saturation on our bodies´ tissues and organ systems. Most people who are slightly overweight simply have a pancreas that´s working like an overheated engine. This leads to excess insulin being released and reeking havoc on our organ systems and then their conditions being treated as separate issues. This hosts a variety of seemingly unrelated conditions as ovarian cysts, central obesity, acid reflux and sleep apnea. Drugs used to treat these symptoms can cause the pancreas to secrete even more insulin. We teach educated eating patterns and use medical grade food to rest the pancreas, thus resetting the endocrine system balancing hormones and metabolism. We teach you how to drive your pancreas to burn your fat for energy. This protocol usually decreases the need for diabetes, blood pressure and acid reflux medications.

I want to continue availability of program implementation to physicians or churches interested in raising funds for ministry. Currently we have locations in Salem and Daleville. We provide complimentary educational seminars the first and third Mondays and Tuesdays of each month. Please call (540) 793-2669 for the location nearest you or if you are interested in providing the program to your patients or congregation.

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